PAK® (Professional Applied Kinesiology™) is a registered term that only ICAK-U.S.A. doctors who have proven additional aptitude can designate.

In 2005, the ICAK-U.S.A. Board of Directors determined that many individuals who
did not meet the requirements of ICAK membership were still able to use our ICAK
marks, logos, etc. In addition, the terms “AK” and “Applied Kinesiology” could be used by any unqualified group or individual since those terms can no longer be
trademarked. This created great confusion in the general public regarding who was
and was not a proficient and qualified AK doctor. For these reasons, the Board
introduced a certification for ICAK members, protected for use by qualified doctors
using AK that have demonstrated their abilities by meeting the requirements for

The PAK® designation would indicate to the public and professional
communities that these members had been educated, tested and certified in muscle
testing by the ICAK. Additionally, they continue to expand their proficiency and
abilities in order to bring the highest quality care to their patients.

The requirements for PAK® status include:

  • Individual MUST be a doctor member of the ICAK-U.S.A. in good standing
  • Individual MUST be in attendance at the ICAK-U.S.A. Annual Meeting once every three years. This meeting is currently held in June.
  • Individual MUST be 100 hour certified.
  • Individual MUST Complete One of the Following Per Year:
  • Attend a minimum of 12 hours of approved ICAK-U.S.A. seminars,
  • including, but not limited to, the ICAK-U.S.A. Annual Meeting and any BCT-approved seminar
  • Publish a paper in the Proceedings of the ICAK-U.S.A.
  • Produce AK-related research qualified by the ICAK-U.S.A. Board and Research Committee
  • Complete 6 online courses (when available through
  • Teach an approved BCT seminar.
  • Individual MUST recertify every 5 years by taking the ICAK-U.S.A. Muscle Testing Course Refresher.